Love & Carry

Stretchy baby wrap
The Love & Carry® stretchy baby wrap is a 5 metres long strip of specially woven and dense fabric that stretches only across its width. The elasticity makes its use much simpler. This kind of wrap is recommended for moms that want to start using a wrap and have no previous experience. Its elasticity helps to hide any mistakes in wrapping, minimizing the mom’s stress in the process of learning different positions.

Woven baby wrap
The Love & Carry® woven baby wrap is a wrap with a Jacquard weave. Jacquard woven fabric is produced on a special weaving loom fitted with a jacquard patterning mechanism. Woven jacquard fabrics are typically multi-coloured, or figured with intricate and textural designs. They are generally stronger and more resilient than those with basic weaves. A Jacquard baby carrier is very suitable for carrying your precious baby.

The Asian Mei Tai is a simple and comfortable sling, designed for carrying newborns. The Mei Tai is a convenient hybrid between a baby wrap or sling and an ergonomic baby carrier. It consists of a rectangular piece of fabric having straps at each corner: two padded shoulder straps, and two straps which together form the waist band. Easy and fun to use, for babies and toddlers. A Mei Tai distributes the baby's weight evenly on the parent's shoulders and hips which makes it easier than carrying a baby in the arms or in a ring sling. It is not difficult to learn different methods of carrying a baby in a Mei Tai and this is the reason why both moms and dads love using them.

Ergonomic baby carrier DLight
The DLight is a series of stylish, compact and light baby carriers with criss-cross shoulder straps (therefore there is no buckle that needs to be closed on the back). This carrier offers maximum ease of use and it suitable for babies of up to 2 years of age.

Ergonomic baby carrier AIR
The AIR series is more suitable for larger and heavier babies up to 3 years of age. It has a big external pocket and has breathable mesh (100% PE) on the back of the carrier which makes it ideal to keep the baby cool in warm weather conditions.

Love & Carry® baby wrap necklaces are a perfect addition to a Love & Carry baby carrier. Their colours match the baby wraps, Mei Tai's and ergonomic baby carriers.

During teething, babies will suck and chew on everything they can get a hold of. While the baby sits in the carrier it is usually the shoulder straps of the carrier that become the subjects of such interest for your baby. To maintain hygienic conditions during the period of teething Love & Carry designed detachable double-sided pads that should be an indispensable accessory for your Love & Carry baby carrier.

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