Linen blend wraps are often recommended for those looking for a supportive ring sling. This is why they are often recommended as a fiber choice for heavier babies. Linen is amazingly popular, many of the most highly sought after woven wraps are linen blends. Linen, as a fabric, feels fresh and smooth to the touch. In a ring sling, the lightweight, breathable fabric is known for cooler wrapping and is often recommended as a summer wrap for this reason. Because it wicks moisture away, it keeps you and your baby feeling cool and dry. Linen is not very elastic, and perhaps that is why it is popular with parents wrapping heavier babies or bigger kids: as they have less bounce, or give, linen wraps are very sturdy and hold a rock solid wrap job without having to worry about sagging. Linen is also very durable and can be machine washed.

Little Frog ring sling  jacquard Linen Barite

Little Frog ring sling jacquard Linen Barite

The Little Frog ring sling jacquard Linen Barite is a beautifully coloured ring sling and ..

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