Little Frog

The woven wrap fabric used to make the ringslings are traditional cross-weave twill, woven in Poland using 100% pure cotton. It's the little details that are super-important: the wraps are OEKO-TEX certified, this means that your wrap contains no harmful substances! The ringsling can be washed at up to 60 degrees C. Wash inside a pillowcase or delicates bag.Each ring sling is approximately 2 metres long and each comes with full instructions. Perfect when you want the support of a wrap with the simplicity of a ring sling. Great for newborns and bigger babies who are at the 'up and down' stage. Little Frog Ring Slings are suitable from birth.

Woven wrap
Little Frog makes wraps in the most colourful designs; stripes in twill weave and others in jacquard weave. All of the wraps are soft from the first wash, suitable for newborns and strong enough for toddlers. The price-quality ratio is excellent. At the moment we only sell the most common size 6 (0,7 x 4,6 mtr) which are suitable for almost everyone. The fabric is not too thick so it can be used all year round. The wraps will shrink about 5% during the first two washes so they're initially a bit longer (4,85 mtr).

Ergonomic baby carrier
The new ergonomic baby carriers from Little Frog are meant for parents who want to carry their baby in a responsible position from the beginning. They are suitable for babies from 4 kg up to an age of about two years. The baby carrier grows with the baby because the back can be adjusted in length and width.

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