Types of baby carriers

Ergonomic baby carrier
You want to carry your baby but you’re looking up against tying a wrap or Mei Tai? Then an ergonomic baby carrier is probably best suited for you. Our ergonomic baby carriers are easy, secure and comfortable. They create the optimal ergonomic position for your child. The child is well supported and the weight is evenly distributed across your upper body.

Stretchy baby wrap
The elastic or stretchy baby wrap is a long sling with special characteristics. A special weaving technique ensures that the fabric is only elastic in its width. The elasticity conceals and corrects mistakes in the use of the cloth. And that reduces stress when trying out new ways to carry the baby.

Woven baby wrap
Are you starting with baby wearing and is your child over one year old? Then we recommend to start with a woven wrap. A woven wrap gives more support when your baby is getting bigger and heavier, because you can tighten the wrap around the two of you.

Ring sling
re you looking for a carrier for your baby which can be put on very fast and easy? A ringsling is the ideal solution. A ringsling is an asymmetric carrier made of woven wrap fabric. It’s a short piece of fabric (varies from 1,7 to 2,0 metres) with two rings at the end. To wear a ringsling you just pull the fabric through the rings and pull the fabric tight. This creates a comfortable position for your child on your hip or on the front. A ringsling doesn’t require complex tying methods and your child will be in an ideal position very fast.

Mei Tai
A Mei Tai is an ergonomic carrier that most resembles a woven wrap in terms of comfort and appearance. The big difference is how easy it wraps and it does not have a long piece of fabric compared to a wrap. This type of carrier has a back panel with a waistband which, depending on the brand, can either be tied or is secured by using a buckle. The shoulder straps are always tied together. Because of this the Mei Tai is very easy to use and does not require difficult wrapping techniques. Your child is positioned in the ideal posture and its weight is equally distributed over your torso. This leads to perfect carrying comfort with a ‘one size fits all’ principle.

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