About Kiss & Carry

The name Kiss & Carry comes from the ability to kiss your babies' head when he or she is in a baby carrier. Then you know the baby is positioned correctly. We are a family business with a passion for baby carrying. We believe carrying should be affordable and don't always see that belief at other stores. That's why we started this shop with the following guarantees:

- Free Shipping;

- Free Return Shipping;

- Lowest price guarantee.

In the coming period we will expand our shop with more and more baby carriers. Brands will only be added as long as we can commit to our guarantees. Because we realize that a baby carrier is an essential purchase for both you and your baby we only offer product that we fully support ourselves. Kiss & Carry presents a range of quality, innovative and stylish baby carriers from around the world mostly made of organic, natural and sustainable materials.

If you have any questions, comments or are you searching for a product that we don't offer (yet)? Please contact us!